fine invitations and stationery created for life´s most important events

An invitation or announcement is the first page of your story. The moment it arrives in the hands of your recipient, a tone and an impression have been set. That’s why it’s so important to capture the true essence of your personality and your event. From a save-the-date all the way through to your note of thanks, each piece is a part of the experience. It’s not just ink on paper. It’s a story; a personal gift for each recipient to show them the first peek at what your event will be like.

Nothing about you is ordinary. So why have ordinary invitations, announcements or stationery?

It was with this philosophy that Anne Hitchins began her own design business. Uniting her background in graphic design, fine arts and advertising, Anne creates designs that have meaning and purpose. Nothing is created just because it looks nice. Whether it’s the curve of an s or the dot of an i, thoughtful care is put into the selection of every element to craft a unique reflection of you and your event.

With the combination of an extensive color palette, exquisite papers and fine ribbons, each piece is designed to reflect your personal taste and budget. Whether you’re traditional, modern, offbeat (or maybe a little of each), we look forward to getting to know you and creating something that is uniquely, unquestionably yours.

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